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Subsea Sealing Solution

Subsea Sealing Solution

Subsea Sealing Solutions

Subsea Innovation design and manufacture a wide range of standard and bespoke Sealing Solutions to suit clients' specific requirements.

All design work is performed in-house by a team of engineers using Autodesk Inventor. 

The elastomeric seals are manufactured by Subsea Innovation to a high standard of quality and precision. Sealing Solutions can be provided for applications with operating temperatures between -40 degC and +180 degC using elastomeric seals. Higher temperatures can be accommodated using graphite seals.

Sealing Solutions can be achieved for pressures ranging from 0 to 500 bar.g. 

Seal activation methods can vary from an active design which incorporates a self sealing principle which requires no external activation force to mechanical or hydraulic methods.

Subsea Innovation supply an extensive amount of Sealing Solutions for subsea applications. In this instance seals can be fitted with ROV torque tool receptacles or alternatively ROV hot stabs and receptacles for hydraulic activation.

Examples of typical sealing solutions are:

However all solutions are tailored to suit clients' specific project requirements and Subsea Innovation specialise in bespoke 1-off designs.

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