Riser Hang-off Clamps

Riser Hang-off Clamp

Riser Hang-off Clamp

SIGrip™ Riser Hang-off Clamps

The purpose of a Riser Hang-Off System is to provide a structural support between the riser or umbilical and the outer J-tube.

Systems can also be supplied with a seal module that provides full sealing capability in the annulus between the riser and the J-tube.

The clamp module is fitted with the SIGrip™ high integrity Collet System. The collets are energised using a low activation torque and then become self-energising.

The Hang-Off assembly is fitted with a continuous housing that is preinstalled prior to riser pull-in. Once the pull-in is complete Subsea Innovation service engineers perform the final assembly of the unit. It is essential to perform a seal verification test prior to leaving the worksite.

Designs are subjected to third party verification and a factory acceptance test that verifies both load holding and sealing capability in a test rig that simulates offshore conditions.

Technical Specification

  • Riser sizes: 2” NS up to 20” NS or to suit clients' requirements
  • J-tube sizes: 8” NS up to 40” NS or to suit clients' requirements
  • Axial loads: 0 to 1,500 kN
  • Sealing pressures: 0 to 200 bar.g
  • Design temperature: -20 to +100 degC
  • System coating: Norsok M501 system no: 7