Deck Equipment

We supply bespoke back deck equipment tailored to suit client’s specific requirements. 

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Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS)

Subsea Innovation is a world leader in the supply of LAR’s having delivered over 100 systems worldwide. Our systems are applicable to ROV’s, subsea trenching spreads, and bespoke deployment requirements. We also supply assosated auxiliary equipment, including:

  • Tether Management Systems (TMS)
  • Hydraulic Power Units (HPU)
  • Winches
  • Skid Systems & Cursor Frames

Specialist Equipment

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  • MPHS
  • Bespoke
  • ROV Multi Tool Systems
  • MDS

Offshore Wind and Renewables

Subsea Innovation supply a range of back deck equipment and subsea tooling to aid construction, operational and maintenance activities on offshore renewables projects, including:

  • Personnel Transfer Systems
  • Bespoke Systems
    • CPS Cleaning Tools
    • J-Tube Bellmouth Clamps
    • CPS Testing Equipment
  • Lay Equipment
    • Tensioner Equipment
    • Under Rollers
    • Reeling Systems
    • Carousels