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Moon Pool Systems

Moon Pool Systems

Moon Pool Systems


Moon Pool Systems

Subsea Innovation have produced 6 Multi Purpose Handling Systems (MPHS) for use with a wide variety of subsea tools.

The MPHS sits over the moon pool of the vessel and lowers tools subsea on a main-lift winch. The system can also be fitted with up to four guide wire winches.

These systems can be fitted with static lifting beams or hydraulically driven trollies. This gives movement in both the X & Y plane hydraulically or electronically for both the main lift and the guide wire lines.

A complete skidding system is supplied which is seafastened to the vessel deck and provides the storage and rail system to transport the tools into the MPHS. Storage slots are modular therefore additional sections can be added. The tools are moved using a hydraulic push / pull unit.

The base of the tower incorporates three platforms. The central moon pool door lowers down into the moon pool and is fitted with a failsafe latching system that interfaces with the skidrails to prevent this door from accidentally opening.

Two side panel doors are provided for maintenance personnel and operate on independent hydraulic circuits.

A telescopic cursor frame is mechanically lowered into the moon pool and requires no permanent welding to the vessel. A winch controlled cursor carriage is fitted with adjustable prongs to suit a range of subsea tools.

As standard, safety harness rails are fitted around the inside of the tower. The inside of the tower is fully lit by spotlights, strip lights and emergency lighting.

To aid tool deployment the system is fitted with subsea and ‘pan and tilt’ cameras.

The MPHS is designed, constructed and tested according to Det Norsk Veritas Standard for Certification of Lifting Appliances No 2.22 October 2008 and subjected to an independent third party approval.

Subsea Innovation service engineers perform installation and commissioning onboard the vessel.

Designed and manufactured units for 10, 25, 35, and 60 Te - design integrity applicable up to 80 Te.

Technical Specification

  • Safe working load (SWL): 60 Te
  • MPHS dimensions: 7.5m x 7.5m x 12
  • Operating depth: 2,000m
  • Guide wires: 4-off 8 Te (SWL) AHC
  • Guide posts: 4-off API 2586mm adjustable
  • Gross weight: 60 to 240 Te (depending on scope)
  • Design temperature: -20 to +50 degC
  • Offshore spec containerised HPU
  • Main winch 60 Te AHC
  • Cursor system 10 Te CT (SWL)

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