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Launch & Recovery System

Launch & Recovery System

Launch & Recovery Systems

Subsea Innovation are a world leader in the supply of ROV Launch & Recovery Systems (LARS) having supplied over 50 systems major ROV operators worldwide. All LARS are designed, constructed and tested according to Det Norsk Veritas Standard for Certification of Lifting Appliances No 2.22 October 2008. Designs and constructions have evolved from over 20 years of operational experience in an ever increasing range of environments including deepwater and heavy weather.

As standard eight variations of LARS are available:

The company also supply bespoke systems which are tailored to suit clients' specific requirements. All systems delivered are technically supported by a team of engineers with full access to a complete database of both technical and construction information that is retained electronically and maintained since the company was established. Technical support services include on-site commissioning, servicing and repairs carried out by experienced and qualified service engineers. This is complemented by a comprehensive spares program and a large stock of both major and minor components. All systems are supplied with the ROV umbilical termination socket and the hydraulic power unit to operate the system can also be provided if required. All designs are generated using Autodesk Inventor and files can be supplied to clients for integration in deck layouts.

Client Benefits

  • Quality build, heavy duty, reliable systems with an extensive track
    record of operational experience
  • Systems designed to meet clients' exact requirements
  • Fully certified to recognised third party specifications

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