Emergency Pull-off Connectors

Emergency Pull Off Systems

Emergency Pull-off Connectors

Subsea Innovation have developed a system for protecting subsea tools and templates from potential damage caused by vessel DP run-off (dynamic positioning). The use of a “weak link” has become a client specified requirement on the majority of operations involving template intervention.

The system comprises of a mechanical coupling which can be operated by an ROV to activate an automatic disengagement system.

The Emergency Pull-off Connector (EPC) is designed to be used as a lifting coupling with a SWL of 50Te. However the connector when set into “shear mode” will disconnect at a predetermined load, ie 5Te or what ever is required by the client.

The Emergency Pull-off Connector is made up of the following parts:

  •  l-off Coupling (male)
  •  l-off Pin (female)
  •  l-off Shear pin

Operational modes

  • Position 1 › Connect / disconnect (manual topside)
  • Position 2 › Lift mode (manual topside)
  • Position 3 › Shear mode (performed subsea by ROV)


  • Safe Working Load › 50Te (or to suit clients' requirements)
  • Design load › 200Te (SWL x SF:4)
  • Pull-off load › 5Te (adjustable)
  • Weight › 150 kgs (in water)
  • Height › 500mm

Standards and regulations

  • ISO 9001 Quality Assurance
  • DNV Rules for Certification of Lifting Appliances