Technip Pazflor Surf Field

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Technip Pazflor Surf Field

Technip Pazflor Surf Field

Project no: 777
Project name: Technip Pazflor Surf Field

Description of product

SISEAL® HT Pipe-In-Pipe Waterstop Seals
SISEAL® MECH Mechanical Clamps

The objective of the Waterstop Seal is to contain the seawater pressure if the outer carrier pipe is breached during installation or operation.

The Mechanical Clamps provide a structural support for the seal when exposed to the hydrostatic head from the water depth.

The SISEAL® Pipe-In-Pipe Waterstop Seal assembly is supplied to suit the specific project pipe sizes and pressure rating.

Client Benefits provided by Solution

The Pazflor project will develop reservoirs located in Block 17, Angola.

Project responsibilities

• TECHNIP Owners / operator of platform
• Subsea Innovation Waterstop seal supplier