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Sonsub Launch and Recovery Systems

Sonsub Launch and Recovery Systems

Project No: 860
Project Name: Sonsub Launch and Recovery Systems

Subsea Innovation successfully completed the project for the supply of 2-off HF-135 Launch & Recovery Systems (LARS) for Sonsub Aberdeen.

The systems were specifically designed to meet Sonsub's requirements for a low freeboard and increased ROV handling.

One major requirement of Sonsub's specification was to release the ROV below deck level to reduce the pendulum effect during launch and recovery and reduce potential clashes with the vessel side.

The deck skidding module was designed as a stand-alone module capable of positioning the ROV and toolskid at any point along the LARS skidbase. The skidding pallet was a compact design that ensured large stack heights could be handled. The pallet was fitted with an electric motor drive and rack and pinion system that provided failsafe operation, safe handling of the supply cable and smooth operation of the pallet.

System Specification

- SWL: 15 Te
- DAF: 3
- Out-reach: 6.5 metre
- Latching height below deck: 2.5 metres
- Dimensions: 4 metres wide x 9 metres long
- Stack height: 5521mm
- Third party certification: Det Norske Veritas

Client Benefits provided by Solution

Low freeboard
Increased ROV handling without clashes on vessel side

Project responsibilities

• Sonsub Installation contractor
• Subsea Innovation Equipment supplier