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Pipeline Repair

Pipeline Repair

Project No: 903
Project Name: Pipeline Repair – Qatar Petroleum

Subsea Innovation have successfully designed, engineered and installed two structural Pipeline Repair Clamps on a 6" NS subsea pipeline off the coast of Qatar.

The structural clamps were designed using Subsea Innovation's unique locking collet solution. Both systems were successfully subjected to a full factory acceptance test prior to despatch.

The factory acceptance test was performed based on the worst case scenario that the pipeline was broken in two halves.

Following completion of the testing a Subsea Innovation technician was mobilised to the installation vessel to successfully supervise the installation and activation of both structural Pipeline Repair Clamps.

Client Benefits provided by Solution

The client had a damaged subsea pipeline in a number of locations that required structural reinforcing for continued operation. Rather than replace a section of pipeline Subsea Innovation's Structural Repair Clamps were installed. This offered both sealing and a reinforced structural capability.

Project responsibilities

• Sime Darby Installation contractor
• Subsea Innovation Equipment supplier
• Qatar Petroleum End customer