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Diver Installed J-Tube Seals

Diver Installed J-Tube Seals

Project No: 832
Project Name: Parker Scanrope Diver Installed J-Tube Seals

Description of product

2-off Ø 167 mm Methanol Diver Installed J-Tube Seals, 
2-off Ø 155 mm Chemical Diver Installed J-Tube Seals

The purpose of the Diver Installed J-Tube Seal is to provide a permanent seal between an existing j-tube and a newly installed umbilical and provides an annulus which may be treated with corrosion inhibitor. 

The Diver Installed J-Tube Seals are designed to be installed after the main pull-in operation is complete. The sealing unit is mounted onto the back of a split steel front flange and comprises of two elastomeric seals, a middle flange and rear centralising flange. The assembly is constructed in two sections to facilitate build up around the installed umbilical.

Client Requirement

Extended J-Tube Life

Subsea Innovation Solutions

J-Tube Seal

Client Benefits provided by Solution

Extended J-Tube Life

Project Responsibilities

• PARKER SCANROPE Owners / operator of platform
• Subsea Innovation J-Tube Seal supplier