July 10 Flare Stack Reinforcement

Flare Stack Reinforcement

Flare Stack Reinforcement

Project No: 920
Project Name: July 10 Flare Stack Reinforcement

Description of product

10-off ROV Installed Grouting Clamps
1-off ROV Drilling Machine
1-off Grouting Interface
1-off Lightweight ROV Interface Shelf
10-off Hole Plugs capable of withstanding 2 bar differential pressure

The purpose of the product was to reinforce the annular cavity in three subsea flare stacks. Subsea Innovation were commissioned to design and manufacture all equipment on a 21 day schedule. Service engineers then successfully installed the equipment off the coast of Egypt.

This was the first ROV performed Flare Stack Reinforcement Project completed in the region. The ROV was initially fitted with 1-off Clamp and the subsea drilling machine. After latching onto the flare stack subsea, a 2" diameter hole was remotely drilled. The ROV disengaged from the clamp leaving the system on the pipe and returned to the surface for another clamp. This procedure was repeated until three clamps were installed and holes drilled on each flare stack.

The subsea drilling machine was then removed from the ROV Interface Shelf and the grouting stabs fitted. This allowed the ROV to reattach to the installed clamps. Grout was then pumped into the annular cavity from the topside spread. Following completion of the grouting operation an isolation was activated and the ROV recovered lubrication to reduce the friction to an acceptable level to allow automatic fleeting.

Client Benefits provided by Solution

• Long term reinforcement of severely corroded flare stacks
• ROV remote installation.

Project responsibilities

• SAPESCO Installation contractor
• Subsea Innovation Equipment supplier