Jubilee Field Development Phase-1

Jubilee Field Development

Project No: 930
Project Name: Jubilee Field Development Phase-1

Description of product

26-off 24" NS Suction Pile Plugs
52-off Suction Pile Receptacles
ROV Torque Tool Multipliers

These products were installed onto the client's suction piles topside and are capable of ROV removal and re-installation subsea.

The 24" NS Plugs were designed to seal a differential pressure 7.5 bar.g. All products were individually pressure tested, witnessed by a client representative and supplied with a full fabrication certification package.

The plugs were designed to have a maximum submerged weight of 60 kg. To achieve this Subsea Innovation manufactured in-house subsea buoyancy systems capable of operation up to depths of 1,500 msw. The buoyancy modules were mounted integrally within the buoyancy plug.

The client also specified a maximum torque setting of only 150 Nm. This would enable activation by the ROV manipulator and reduce installation time. Subsea Innovation designed and supplied a Subsea Torque Multiplier that increased the initial activation torque up to a level where the desired seal was achieved.

The plug was fitted with ROV intervention features and also a class 3 torque tool receptacle which would allow the sealing pressure to be increased if required.

Client Benefits provided by Solution

• Lightweight, low torque ROV installation

Project responsibilities

• TECHNIP Marine contractor
• Subsea Innovation Equipment supplier