GUPCO Younis Project

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Project No: 917
Project Name: GUPCO Younis Project

Description of product

1-off 18" NS ROV Installed Pipeline Repair Clamp
1-off installation tool
1-set activation equipment

The purpose of this product was to seal a leaking oil pipe subsea. Due to a hole in the pipe wall the client was losing 3,000 barrels of oil per day. Subsea Innovation mobilised service engineers to Egypt to supervise the dredging of the pipeline, coating removal and installation and activation of the Pipeline Repair Clamp. This was the first successful installation of an ROV performed Pipeline Repair Clamp in the region. The Pipeline Repair Clamp and installation tool were deployed from the vessel and installed onto the pipeline. All activation of the system was performed remotely by ROV. Following a successful pressure test of the line the installation tool was removed leaving a Seal Repair Clamp in-situ.

Client Benefits provided by Solution

• Long term continued oil production
• ROV remote installation.

Project responsibilities

• SAPESCO Installation contractor
• Subsea Innovation Equipment supplier