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Acergy Swingframe

Project No: 766
Project Name: Acergy Swingframe Refurbishment

Description of product

Fixed Swingframe and Sheave

The original X-90 units were supplied with fixed sheaves to suit the smaller winches which limited the length of the cable drum and degree of allowable fleet of the cable.

Fleeting Swingframe

Deepwater operations required larger winches and greater fleet angles. A Fleeting Swingframe was supplied which allowed the entire assembly to rotate, fitted with a hydraulic valve to stop the rotation during vehicle parking operations.

Fleeting Sheave

To remove the need for the hydraulic function the Swingframe was fixed and the sheave was allowed to fleet. The assembly was supported by an upper and lower pivot arrangement. Pins and bushes were used due to slow and partial angular movement.

This current design has been in operation for five years and has been installed on twelve systems. The pin and bush arrangement requires lubrication to reduce the friction to an acceptable level to allow automatic fleeting.

Client Benefits provided by Solution

This upgrade will also have a positive impact to Acergy as currently there are two different lengths of Swingframes to suit the 1480 MBD umbilical. The new design will be shorter which will mean Acergy can accommodate a larger stack height on the A-frame.

Project responsibilities

• ACERGY Owners / operator of platform
• Subsea Innovation Water-Stop Seal supplier