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Latest news

Philip Hammond and Darlington’s Conservative candidate Peter Cuthbertson visit Subsea Innovation



Subsea Innovation were delighted to welcome The Chancellor Rt Hon Philip Hammond and Darlington’s Conservative candidate Peter Cuthbertson to their facility.

The Chancellor was in the region talking to the local press about the benefits that North East companies can take advantage of when Exporting around the world.

Subsea Innovation are a great example to the business community with 80% of their sales currently being exported that include some of the worlds largest Structural Pipeline Repair Clamps that are currently undergoing testing.

The Chancellor is pictured below on the factory tour with Managing Director Dave Thompson, Finance Director Phil Heathcock and Production Manager Kevin Freeman.


RasGas Structural Repair Clamps Successfully Delivered


RasGasClamp tn

Subsea Innovation are immensely proud to have successfully completed the design, build and testing of 4 Structural Pipeline Repair Clamps for RasGas in Qatar.

The clamps are to provide contingency repair cover for 38”, 32”, 28” and 16” pipelines, offering a swift and organised response to reinstate the mechanical integrity of a damaged section of pipeline whilst maintaining high HSE standards and keeping production shutdown time to a minimum.

These Repair Clamps are some of the largest of their kind in the world and come complete with NAS 00625 (Nickel Alloy) cladding on the internal bores and seal faces for use with high HS2 content Wet Sour Gas and have a design pressure ranging up to 345 Bar g.




Hydraulic Power Units delivered to Saipem America



Subsea Innovation Ltd have recently completed the design, manufacture, build and test of two Hydraulic Power Units (HPU), successfully delivering these to Saipem America for installation on board the Saipem Castorone. These HPUs were commissioned for operation with two HFM-135 Launch and Recovery Systems that were previously supplied by Subsea Innovation.


Cable Protection System Cutting Tool Proven & Available for Hire



Subsea Innovation Ltd has completed the design, supply and live demonstration of a Cable and Cable Protection System (CPS) cutting tool that can rapidly and reliably remove a CPS without the need for divers. Activity in the installation of CPS is currently high and is forecast to remain so and this tool gives the ability to remove a CPS in the minimum time. This is particularly key for the future as offshore windfarm projects are being installed in increasingly deeper waters where diving becomes more dangerous and costly.

There were numerous offshore wind industry leaders in attendance - including sales partner Tekmar Energy Limited, DONG Energy, VBMS, Jan de Nul, and CWIND. The event was held at The Underwater Centre near Fort William in Scotland and involved a full scale demonstration of the installation and removal of a CPS from mock-up offshore foundations.

Cable protection systems are designed to be maintenance free for the full service life of the windfarm. However, for decommissioning purposes and in order to reduce risk within the industry it is important that any equipment that is installed subsea has a proven and robust method of removal.

The Underwater Centre provided a Workclass Remotely Operated Vehicle (WCROV) which was launched from an offshore vessel and carried out the operations in Loch Linnhe which is a seawater lake.

The demonstrations were carried out over a two day period. On the first day the removal operation was performed on a mock-up j-tubeless monopile foundation, whereas the second day was reserved to carry out the same operation on a mock-up j-tube. Both demonstrations were considered successful with operations being completed considerably quicker than expected.

With the Cutting Tool now being a proven solution it is available for hire either as contingency or for active service so if you would like to contact us to discuss this further please get in touch via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Subsea Innovation has over 30 years of experience in the offshore sector is a market leader in the design, manufacture and supply of Pipeline Repair Clamps, Connectors, J Tube Seals, Waterstop Seals, Launch & Recovery Systems and Tether Management. This product enhances the company’s track record in developing bespoke engineering solutions to challenges faced by their clients. Recently, Subsea Innovation designed and supplied the only Mattress Deployment System (MDS) in the world capable of deploying 3 concrete mattresses in one excursion from the vessel. These concrete mattresses are used to protect and bury cables in both the offshore wind and oil & gas sector and optimising their installation time is key in a sector looking at achieving installation efficiency.  


Subsea Video

Welcome to Subsea Innovation

World Leading Supplier of Subsea Equipment

Formed in 1985 by a team of experienced engineers and diving professionals, Subsea Innovation is a company dedicated to delivering state of the art engineering products to the offshore Oil & Gas and Energy industries throughout the world.

An impressive track record coupled with an underlying commitment to continuous improvement has seen Subsea Innovation gain world-class pedigree from a balance of hands on experience and a desire to provide innovative technologies. This is clearly demonstrated by the ongoing performance of Subsea Innovation products in the field.

Subsea Innovation prides itself on its quality and attention to detail; a fully accredited Safety & Quality system supports every aspect of a project. All products are designed to the appropriate international codes and standards that are subject to regular external inspection.

Through its dedicated team of highly skilled Engineers, Designers and Technicians based in the North East of England, Subsea Innovation continues to retain its status as a recognised world leader in the design and manufacture of highly sophisticated marine engineering solutions.

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The extensive product range includes:

Offshore Equipment Handling Systems
Pipeline Repair / Recovery Systems
Subsea Sealing Systems

In addition to product supply, Subsea Innovation Ltd provides supervision services to oversee the successful deployment and installation of its equipment. The company provides an after care service and can supply spare and replacement parts for the full range of products.



Case Studies

Subsea Innovation have worked with many clients on a wide range of marine engineering projects over the years.  More...